Controversial Fights Stopped Way Too… Late?

Sakuraba vs Arona (2005)

We’ve all been there: hyped up for a dream match between our two favorite fighters, with our noses 6 inches from the T.V. The bell rings. Both fighters are swining and one guy gets caught and stumbles — OOH!… wait it’s

I’m Being Bullied – How to Beat Your Bully


Bullying has been around forever, and though we can work to decrease it, it will never disappear entirely. But ask anyone in their 20′s or 30′s, and they will agree that IT DOES GET BETTER. Bullying is different for everyone that

What is the Best Martial Art for a Fight?

What is the Best Martial Art?

No martial art is better than the other, and before you ask: yes, every martial art is good for a street fight. Now some are specifically designed for realistic street self defense, while others will just help with physical conditioning and

Getting Started with Fighting and Self-Defense

Getting Started with Martial Arts

Getting Started Remember – violence is not cool, fighting should only be done in self defense, and bullies suck. So you want to learn how to fight? You’ll hear it everywhere that “All you need to do to win a

4 Best Martial Arts Fighting Stances

Best Fight Stances

Each martial arts stance has it’s own benefits and flaws, but are best for it’s said style. For example: a Muay Thai stance is good for a kickboxing fight, but too tall and upright for a wrestling match. Be sure

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