MaxxMMA Training and Fitness Heavybag Review

MaxxMMA Fitness and Training Bag Review

I was recently asked to review the MaxxMMA Training and Fitness heavybag, and was rather excited to try this one.  The unique thing about this bag is its ability to change form, allowing you to do a ton of different

How to Practice for a Fight through Shadowboxing

shadow boxing

Shadowboxing is an exercise where you visualize an opponent and practice your punches and kicks, blocks and evasions, takedowns and sprawls, offense and defense.  It is a great warm up before hitting mitts or a heavy bag, but it also

Teaching Strangers Self-Defense in the Streets of Philly

Philly Boxing

I have been training martial arts for more than half of my life.  And it is for that reason that I owe my healthy lifestyle, great personal relationships (with others and myself) and my sanity.  Might sound a little farfetched

Can You Really Learn to Fight by Watching Videos?


Recently someone asked me whether I think you can really learn martial arts from watching videos. Before I answer, let me say that there’s a lot of value in learning from an instructor, getting feedback, and practicing with other people.

How Do I Stand Up for Someone Being Bullied?

Bully Jenga

Okay, let’s imagine you witness someone getting bullied.  You want to step in, but you’re afraid the bully will turn his/her attention to you.  You’re scared, anxious, and getting overwhelmed.  Quite the predicament… Some things to consider about bullying:  Bullying