Nick Diaz MMA Fight Strategy Breakdown

Nick Diaz

Love him or hate him, Nick Diaz has challenged and fought the best of the best. He fears no man and always puts on a great show… like that one time he taunted Anderson Silva by laying down on the

Street Fight Breakdown: Boxing pt. 1

Street Fight Compilation

Here is our first video of the new Street Fight Breakdown series, focusing on boxing. People often ask “does boxing work in a street fight?” Well let’s see: what’s usually the first technique you learn to do in a fight? Punch, right?

What is a Gogoplata?

The Gogoplata is a choke used in submission grappling where the shinbone is pushed into the throat. It was popularized by Nick Diaz in his fight against Takanori Gomi in their fight at Pride 33. It is often used from the “rubber

Project Underdogs: A Martial Arts Web Series for Anti-Bullying

Project Underdogs Arcade

Project Underdogs is an original 5-part web series in the making fully produced by the team at fightTIPS. The idea for this project was developed after years of Shane Fazen and Ant DeMaio filmed countless self-defense tutorials on YouTube. They would

Master Elbow Strikes to Cut, Control, and KO Your Opponent

Muay Thai MMA

The benefits of using elbows in combat sports are invaluable. They can slice your opponents face open, drawing blood into their eye. Elbows can also be used to frame and control your opponent both standing and on the ground. And elbows

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