Why the “Oblique Kick” Should NOT be Banned!

Oblique Kick illegal

The push kick to the legs or the “oblique kick” is the most controversial technique in MMA. Fighter’s like Rampage Jackson have voiced their displeasure, saying this kick should be banned because it aims to hyper-extend the knee, which could

Woman KO’s Guy Using a Judo Throw

woman judo throw man street fight ko

I once heard a quote about Judo that went something like this: “Most people look to throw something big in a fight, but a Judoka hits you with the biggest thing possible: the Earth.” The video shows a woman with obvious Judo

Street Fighter Proves Body Shots, Muay Thai Clinch, Low Kicks & Palm Strikes WORK

MMA Street Fight

This fist fight video shows a very game street fighter vs an experienced kickboxer, in a backyard bare-knuckle match. Though both men are in great shape and have obvious fighting skills, the formally trained kickboxer picks his opponent apart with an advanced arsenal

How to Prevent Being Kidnapped – Traveling Abroad

Kidnapping Prevention Traveling Abroad

If you type in “how to not get kidnapped” on google, the first results mention “when traveling to Mexico for vacation”, or going “overseas for business”. And even though self defense techniques will certainly help, kidnap prevention really comes down to awareness. So

No Gym, But You Wanna Train MMA?

No Gym MMA Workout

So you want to partake in some MMA training, but you don’t have access or money for a gym? No worries, we got you covered. Here’s a tough, full-body, muscle endurance & cardio conditioning home MMA workout. It will take

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