The Art of Breakfalling: How to Fall Correctly in a Fight

How to Breakfall in Judo or BJJ

Whether you are grappling in Judo or BJJ, getting slammed in wrestling, or just preparing for a street fight, you want to know how to fall correctly, so you don’t hurt yourself. Improperly bracing for a fall could result in

Striking Seminar with Shane Fazen: Los Angeles, CA


WHEN: Saturday July 2, 2016 WHERE: Sweet Science Boxing & MMA 12905 Hawthorne Blvd Hawthorne, CA 90250 WHAT: 3-hour seminar covering Taekwondo kicks for MMA, the Muay Thai clinch (sweeps, takedowns, leverage techniques, elbows & knees), and flexibility drills for high

How to Keep Your Eyes Open in a Fight

How to Keep Eyes Open in a Fight

“When you close your eyes, the monsters don’t go away.” That was a quote that my old Muay Thai trainer used to say.  He was referring to when people would get overwhelmed and close their eyes and turn away when

Why the “Oblique Kick” Should NOT be Banned!

Oblique Kick illegal

The push kick to the legs or the “oblique kick” is the most controversial technique in MMA. Fighter’s like Rampage Jackson have voiced their displeasure, saying this kick should be banned because it aims to hyper-extend the knee, which could

Woman KO’s Guy Using a Judo Throw

woman judo throw man street fight ko

I once heard a quote about Judo that went something like this: “Most people look to throw something big in a fight, but a Judoka hits you with the biggest thing possible: the Earth.” The video shows a woman with obvious Judo

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