The Art of Trash Talking: How & Why Fighter’s Dish it Out

Trash Talking

When you think about trash talkers in MMA, the first person you picture is Conor McGregor in some ostentatious suit and aviator sunglasses, mocking his opponent. Now, he’s no pioneer to these antics; smack talk has been going on, inside and outside of combat

Taekwondo Being Used in MMA (GIFS)

Side Kick in MMA

After years of stubborn MMA guys swearing that TMA (Traditional Martial Arts) doesn’t work, we are starting to see more and more Taekwondo used successfully in the octagon. And for good reason: they’re knocking people out and are an amazing spectacle

Dominick Cruz: Neo-Footwork or Old Boxing Secret?

Dominick Cruz Footwork

Dominick Cruz has changed the game of MMA, when it comes to footwork. Taking movements from boxing greats like Muhammad Ali and Willie Pep, he has integrated wrestling and Muay Thai techniques into the mix. Here’s a great example of

Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm Full Fight Highlight

Ronda Rousey Knocked Out

Holly Holm shocked the world with the biggest upset in UFC history, last night at UFC 193. She executed a perfect game plan, utilizing excellent footwork and head movement to avoid the clinch, pinpoint accuracy, and perfect timing with her strikes.

Street Fight Breakdown: Wrestling

Street Fight Wrestling

Greco-Roman wrestling is a form of grappling that specializes in takedowns, ground control, and awesome athleticism. Since street fights usually happen on a hard surface, some techniques need to be modified. However, this makes many of the takedowns (slams) much more powerful.

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