Wonderboy Karate-Style Spinning Back Kick Tutorial

back kick karate

Today I caught up with Aaron Swenson, who is an excellent trainer and actually competed in GLORY 11 Chicago, on the undercard. He’s also competed in the same amateur circuits as Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson, and Raymond Daniels. In this video,

Why You Should Train with a Double-End Bag

punching bag

Whether you’re a kickboxing novice or a pro, I want to help you improve your skills on the double end bag. The techniques I’m covering in this quick tutorial are going to help you immensely with balance and control when it comes

Become a Certified Boxing Mittwork Coach

Mittwork Certification Course

Everyone claims to be a personal trainer nowadays. I bet you’re following a bunch on Instagram. And that’s fine — personal training is a great way to make some money. However a lot of these people are under-qualified, or they

The Art of Breakfalling: How to Fall Correctly in a Fight

How to Breakfall in Judo or BJJ

Whether you are grappling in Judo or BJJ, getting slammed in wrestling, or just preparing for a street fight, you want to know how to fall correctly, so you don’t hurt yourself. Improperly bracing for a fall could result in

Striking Seminar with Shane Fazen: Los Angeles, CA


WHEN: Saturday July 2, 2016 WHERE: Sweet Science Boxing & MMA 12905 Hawthorne Blvd Hawthorne, CA 90250 WHAT: 3-hour seminar covering Taekwondo kicks for MMA, the Muay Thai clinch (sweeps, takedowns, leverage techniques, elbows & knees), and flexibility drills for high

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