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Volume Boxing Style of Nick and Nate Diaz


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Lightbulb Volume Boxing Style of Nick and Nate Diaz

This is the best break down of the volume punching style of the Diaz Brothers.

Judo Chop: The Unconventional MMA Boxing of Nick and Nate Diaz - Bloody Elbow

I would copy and paste but there are animated GIFs that go along with the article, so you have to read it off the original page.
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Default Re: Volume Boxing Style of Nick and Nate Diaz

I think it's interesting that they broke it down, but basically the Diaz brothers are really shitty boxers but have abnormally long and dangly arms. Nick D. vs S. Sherk is a great example of that since Sherk has arms that are similar in proportion to a T. Rex, really really short and nubbly. Nate D. vs S. Smith just shows how bad Smith's conditioning and boxing skills are since he couldn't counter right up the middle which could've been easy if he had only thrown random punches straight forward but he gassed out from being a turd.

"Volume Boxing" as applied to the Diaz brothers would be a severely shitty style to emulate. Having super long and gangley arms is their style. Lastly, I'd like to add that Marcus Davis isn't a good boxer, but they keep bringing it up that he has a boxing record. If he was any good at boxing, he would have stayed a boxer, not become an MMA fighter.

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Default Re: Volume Boxing Style of Nick and Nate Diaz

Diaz is a mystrey to me. He seems to do everything wrong and nothing special... but you can't argue with results. He's a very intelligent fighter.
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Volume Boxing Style of Nick and Nate Diaz

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