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How to control adrenaline rush (QUESTION)

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Default How to control adrenaline rush (QUESTION)

Yo guys, this is my first post on this forum ever, and it's a question about if you can control your adrenaline during a fight.

So let's start out that I'm not a violent guy, and try not to fight unless they try to hit me/grab me and start getting close to my face.

Thing is, I've been training boxing for.. 2-3 months? And I know I'm better than the average guy and I do pretty well at sparring. Though I have some problems measuring distance when fighting.

So now to the incident. Me and my friend if you can call him that talks and I disagree about something he says, then he slaps me, I push him away and he kind of comes into my face and starts to grab my hoodie and raises his hand for a punch. I push him away and starts throwing a left right and then a left again. Thing is, I miss him by a few inches then he tries to sucker punch me, he move in close and he tries to lift me up, thereafter I give him a few punches to the back of his skull and the others stops the fight.

Now, let me jump straight to the questions ;D

I was pretty sleppy that day, slept maybe 5 hours, is there anyway to get like pumped with energy fast? Cause I could barely hold my eyes open. Neither could I think clearly, I should've jabbed and moved around, yet I stood still after I threw my punches with my guard up. He didn't hurt me at all, but I know I could've done alot better.

And I'm not even sure if this was the adrenaline, but my heart started pumping fast during the confrontation and shouldn't I have been pumped up by energy if this was the adrenaline?

Anyone got tips on how to act during confrontations like this? I've read Bas Rutten's tips about this and I just completely forgot it =/

If you guys didn't understand a shiz that's cool :P I just felt like I had to write myself now.

Best regards, a random guy.

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Default Re: How to control adrenaline rush (QUESTION)

I dunno mate,

Make yourself mad.
think of your opponent as if he is your highschool bully and you are about to take revanche.

Having a intimidating opponent (one thats big and screams and stuff) can also help you.
It makes you wanna win the fight even more but on the other side you might get scared (dunno if thats the case lol)
Anyway im always extremely nervous before any sparring fight and screaming it out really helps.
It motivates you and intimidates your opponent..

sooo, hope this is helpfull
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Default Re: How to control adrenaline rush (QUESTION)

You get Luther "Expert!". Its like all the other Expert, but slightly better and eats all the food in your refrigerator.
Originally Posted by Akosta View Post
you just used a TKD video to show us how to punch...
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Default Re: How to control adrenaline rush (QUESTION)

Two things then.

How to act in a confrontation: Depends what you want to achieve, if you don't want to fight, stand with your hands level with your shoulders with the palms open, this is a disguised guard but mostly a subdued way of avoiding agression. Speak in a low voice, do not raise it at all, look into your opponent's eyes and don't falter. Don't step back, all these things will work in preventing and subduing confrontation, but if a person is drunk, or a fucking prat they will push it, in that case you will have to fight, leading me to part 2...

Creating Adrenaline: Adrenaline is not necessarily paramount to fighting, I'm not afraid of fighting and I don't get angry or vexed before a fight. If you don't get naturally excited or scared by the escalation of violence, then don't try, just try and keep a clear head, breathe deeply and fight using what you've learned. Adrenaline can serve to make people forget and go animal.

Hope that helped
Strong parr.
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Default Re: How to control adrenaline rush (QUESTION)

Theres already a thread. SEARCH
Originally Posted by NeoRave View Post
Just train a lot. There's no secret formula to great fighting. It's repetition, repetition, repetition. Discipline, hard work and lots of practice. That's ALL fighting is. Now go do that.

Masato, best of K-1

Nutrition Guide:

If you like my post, feel free to give a +rep if I helped.
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Default Re: How to control adrenaline rush (QUESTION)

Originally Posted by Nigdnasty View Post
never open your mouth in the middle of a confrontation, cause a douchebag like me might just pop ya one and fuck all yo shit up.

stay calm, dont get mad its not the best way to win a fight, youll start throwing haymakers like theres no tomorrow. sounds like you did ok to be honest, dont get bobbin around like a fuckin bobblehead in a streetfight throwing the occasional jab, you need to end it fast, sometimes a jab is good but only really to open up for a cross. you just need to get used to distance thats all, practice makes perfect
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Default Re: How to control adrenaline rush (QUESTION)

Adrenalin is a serious fucker.. Got high with it doing nothing for about 5 minutes because some dude provoked me and i really wanna beat the crap out of him but unfortunately classes were still going on so yeah. Wasted a crapload of energy doing nothin
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Default Re: How to control adrenaline rush (QUESTION)

You cant control adrenaline...When adrenaline rush you body move alone, you will move how you train.........................
Keeping a clear head in fight is very hard.......
Adrelline rush when you scared,execited,mad........
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All Hype
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Default Re: How to control adrenaline rush (QUESTION)

Basicly mate you cant realy controll adrenaline
It comes when you know your in trouble or get beat or hurt or your worrieng
i get adrennaline each time i fight But you gotta just make it sound like it is worse than it is think to yourself about him Doing Sumthink soo bad you could kill him

aka. when i fight i think of someone hurting my family mate
give it a try
it works for me
Hope it works for yah
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Default Re: How to control adrenaline rush (QUESTION)

why did your friend slap you for disagreeing with him? terrible friend, shouldnt hang around him
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How to control adrenaline rush (QUESTION)

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