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Why Do You Keep Losing Fights? (READ)

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Have you ever wondered why you always are on the ground in fights, or why you always leave a fight feeling regret or why you didn't put more into it, well I'm pretty sure every "Real" fighter has done just that

It's impossible to have a perfect fight, you may knock them out one hit, or submit them is 13 seconds, it doesn't matter about how hard you hit, its all about how hard you can BE hit!

I've been in enough fights, to know that you never want to go into a fight saying I got this shit, or imma knock this clown out, just dont do that!

When in a fight, never get cocky, I've seen amazing fighters get knocked out cold because they were cocky, and underestimated their opponent.

Don't let that happen to you.

But then again, don't go into a fight with a sense of dread, go into it with cautious confidence, or what I call the CC's of fighting.

You need to be cautious about the fight, who's near you, their experience, who they are, why your fighting, and most of all, what YOU'RE fighting for.

Some Fight to look cool, some fight because of problems, and some just fight to do it. The thing you need to take out of this, is: IS THE FIGHT WORTH IT??? After some thought, you’ll be able to see clearly.

The confidence can be a double edged sword. You don’t want to be over-confident, but at the same time, you want to have some sort of confidence in the way that you fight. Know your strengths and know you weaknesses, and use both to help defeat your opponent(s).
That’s it for PART 1 of “Why Do You Keep Losing Fights!”

From SamuelCarpenter
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Default Re: Why Do You Keep Losing Fights? (READ)

thanks for an inspirational message up there.
i have a question.
my ultimate dream is to fight in the URCC (highest mma fighting in the philippines)
but right now imjust a noob.
is it wrong to dream high ? is it wrong to win my first fight this coming jan 28 ?
is it wrong to practice my last hit (Right uppercut , Left hook and spinning back fist) ?
sometimes i think of these as foolishness. i dont think this is confidence but overconfidence.

i just want to correct my perception .
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Why Do You Keep Losing Fights? (READ)

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