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Kickboxing Technique for beginners

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Default Kickboxing Technique for beginners

Kick boxing is becoming widely popular in the US, partially because of its many benefits. Kick boxing is a great way to get into shape, learn self-defense and train for other fighting sports. You’re always moving and challenging your body in new ways. Learning basic kick boxing techniques can enhance your enjoyment of the sport. Be aware that kick boxing as a martial art is not the same as aerobic kick boxing, which is often taught in classes at gyms. Although some of the movements are similar, the goals are different, separating them into two diverse sports.

When kick boxing training, it is helpful to stand in front of a mirror. This gives you a way to concentrate on your form and be sure that you are executing movements correctly. If you’re not training at a gym, get a full-length mirror so that you can see your entire body.

To begin, get in the proper kick boxing stance. This means that you should have one shoulder and leg a little bit in front of the other (your dominant side should be in the back). Your legs should be shoulder-width apart. Keep your knees slightly bent and your hands near your face. Your dominant hand should be at the side of your face, near your chin. Your other hand should be at the front of your face, also by your chin. Tuck your chin in to allow yourself to protect your face from a punch.

Jabbing is a basic kick boxing technique. It is often used in between other punches. To execute it, begin in the basic kick boxing stance. Step into your jab, using the forward arm to punch. Your hips should twist toward the punch. Keep in mind that the power of your punches will come from your entire body, not just your punching arm. To use more power put more of your weight into your body’s twist.

The cross is a more powerful punch. It comes from your back arm, meaning more of your body weight is used to carry it out. As with the jab, step into your punch, swiveling your hips. Your front hand should remain close to your face for protection.

The uppercut is just as it sounds. Using your front arm, punch upwards toward your adversary’s chin. Remember that with all punches you should follow through past the point of impact.
The side kick is perhaps the easiest to learn. To execute, balance your weight on your rear foot and kick your front leg to the side.

A front kick is one of the most basic kicks, and a starting point for other kicks. To pull it off, kick with your front leg. Remember to keep your hands in the basic kick boxing stance to protect your body and prepare for a counterpunch.

Kicking takes a bit more practice because you have to keep your sense of balance. This is when a mirror is especially helpful. Practice the basic kick boxing movements as often as necessary to master them. Then you’ll be ready to move onto more advanced kick boxing techniques.
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Default Re: Kickboxing Technique for beginners

Greatly explained. Some of it was a bit confusing but you did great. well understood. Nice Job =D
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Default Re: Kickboxing Technique for beginners

Welcome to fighttips!

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Kickboxing Technique for beginners

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