How To Fight Someone Bigger Than You

By Shane Fazen, posted August 11, 2013 in Street Fighting

Fighting someone bigger (heavier) than you:

If someone is fat they probably are going to weigh more than you, so this means that:

  • If neither of you are trained then he/she will probably have the harder punches. (more weight = more force)
  • When the fight gets into some grabbing or goes to the ground, his/her added weight is going to make it a lot harder for you shove them around and if they get on top of you then you’re in some trouble. But this doesn’t mean you should succumb to defeat. Keep moving, keep striking, look for sweeps and up-kicks. Use any ground experience that you have and try to get the dominant position or to get back up again. Just be careful!
  • His/her weight also means that they are likely to be slower; in moving around, in throwing techniques and getting out of the way of things. You need to use this to your advantage!


A few other things on fat people:


  • Mostly they will get tired quicker than thinner people, this isn’t always going to happen but it is pretty common.
  • The fat acts as a bit of a cushion, protecting the body. It means they are less likely to get hurt by body shots, however it doesn’t protect other areas anymore than normal.

Big vs Little guy fight:

Notice the movement the smaller guy takes right away, staying evasive and being explosive.  But once he gets caught against the ropes, he takes immediate damage.  It’s like a bee vs a human — you have to sting and get away quick, otherwise you’ll get swatted and you’re finished.

Now for some tips on fighting them:


  • Remembering the things I mentioned before the first thing is to keep your distance.  If they are going to be throwing hard punches then you don’t want to be caught by it. So keep them at a distance, move around. Don’t get too carried away, you still need to win the fight and all.
  • This also means that you won’t get taken down by his/her superior weight.
  • Be fast. When you strike at them you you have to try do it quickly and when moving away from them do it quickly. Let them chase you.
  • Tire them out. If you’re moving, making them miss, then they will get tired.
  • The more tired they get, the worse they become. So if you have time go for it.
  • Don’t forget to use dirty tactics if you get in trouble, kick them in the balls, poke them in the eyes, whatever… It’s about winning not about getting points for being a gentleman!
  • Always remember to play to your strengths and avoid your opponents! So like I’ve said above; don’t do anything that lets him/her use his/her weight and at the same time do things that you can do well.
  • Throw your punches in combos. Using mostly straight punches (your longest ranged punches), step in, throw a combo, then step out of range (with your hands up and guarding).
  • If you can kick use that to stay out at range. But only if you are trained to kick. Otherwise it is too risky. Even if you are trained don’t go above the waist: there is too much risk of being taken down.

This article was taken from an elite member of the FightTips forum: Stuart.  He wrote this tutorial out years ago, but it’s definitely worth sharing with you.  Thank you Stuart.

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