How to Get Out of a Headlock

By Shane Fazen, posted November 11, 2013 in Fighting Bullies | Grappling | MMA | Street Fighting

A headlock is a hold where someone has another person’s head underneath their arm, while facing the same direction.  It is similar to a guillotine choke, but it is far less effective.  The side headlock is not a recommended grappling position in a fight.  In fact, the person being headlocked is in a more dominant position, with the availability to strike the groin, and easily take the opponent down.

Headlock Choke HoldHow to escape a headlock:

  • Step 1: Stay balanced and grounded. Remember that you are not in any real danger, as long as you don’t fall forward onto the concrete.  Your opponent may be muscling you around, or throwing rabbit punches, so quickly move onto step 2.
  • Step 2: Strike to the groin or go for the take down.  While your opponent is standing wide and heavy, throw an uppercut punch to the groin.  To ensure that you get your opponent off of you, is to grab tight around the waist, pick them up, and slam them.  Another way to get them off, is to use your hand to bend their face back, while shoving your fingers into their eyes.
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Posted in Fighting Bullies, Grappling, MMA, Street Fighting

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