MMA Workout Routine

By Shane Fazen, posted August 11, 2013 in Home Workouts
home fitness video

Shane’s before and after results, from this home workout video.

Here is a full-length home MMA workout routine that you can do right at home!  No weights, gym, or other equipment is required.  Just raw, hard determination!  It is a combination of plyometrics, MMA techniques, punches & kicks, and crossfit.  If you can do this workout 4-5 times a week, along with a proper diet, you will lose weight, tone muscle, and start to look like an MMA fighter!



Check out part two here!

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One comment on “MMA Workout Routine
  1. Yo man

    just want to say I love your workouts and think you’re doing an awesome thing for people. Hope you do more of these vids. Thanks!!


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