#1. The Teep Kick

Number one is the teep or groin kick, it can be used both offensively and defensively.

#2. Palm Strike

Number two, palm strikes; they’re just as effective as punches but there is less risk of injuring your own hands. See my video about palm striking in street fights.

#3. Blocking and Slipping

Number three, blocking and slipping; defense is half of the fight, and it sets up perfect counters. Read my guides on blocking and slipping!

#4. The Head Butt

Number four is the headbutt; use the hard part of your head to smash it into your opponents face. Here’s my guide on how to head butt.

#5. Muay Thai Clinch

Number five, the muay thai clinch, elbows and knees; gives you control and devastating striking capabilities. This is the position from which you can use bone-breaking knees.

#6. The Double Leg Takedown

Number six, the double leg takedown; off-set your opponents balance and put them on the ground.

#7. Grappling

Number seven, grappling; stuff takedowns, secure chokes, and submit your opponent.

#8. Dirty Fighting

Number eight, dirty fighting; pull your opponents hair, ears, eye gauge, finger jabs, etc.

#9. Ground and Pound

Number nine, ground and pound; get ’em out, sink your weight and unleash blow after blow.

#10. Avoid the Fight

And number ten, the best technique of all, the ability to avoid the fight and all possible injuries.

4 thoughts on “10 Best Street Fight Techniques

  1. Awesome!!!
    I’m 47 years old, ıv’e been ınvolved ın MA since 1982, am a blackbelt ın judo, and the way you demonstrate the 10 essential moves is simply outstanding… So swift and staight to the point.


  2. Hi, Shane, I have a problem and is that I can’t bend the last part any of my ring fingers, would this be a problem when punching or palm striking?

    1. Nah that shouldn’t be a problem, especially with palm strikes. You’re supposed to keep your hands open, fingers straight. As for punches: just be careful not to jam that finger when the punch lands.

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