FIGHTTIPS was created by Shane Fazen in 2003 as a member’s only forum for martial artists to connect from around the world. Discussions ranged from UFC and K-1 fights, to asking for help to beat a bully. Eventually, members didn’t want to just read fight tips – they wanted to watch videos on how to fight.

In 2007, the current FIGHTTIPS YouTube Channel was created to break down fighting techniques for competitive fighters, fitness, and self defense. In the last 10+ years, it’s grown to be the largest MMA YouTube channel with over 1.8 million subscribers.

Our mission is to make people better through martial arts training – whether it’s to keep you safe, to become the next champ, or just to build your confidence. We don’t claim to have invented any of this stuff – martial arts’ history is rich and deep. At FIGHTTIPS, we just want our tutorials to reach the world so we can all grow through respect, discipline, and humility.