Cutting Weight for a Fight

Do you have a fight coming up?  Whether it is a boxing match, MMA fight, or wrestling tournament, do you need to make a certain weight?  Well look no further, as this book is your guide to optimal dieting, for cutting weight THE RIGHT WAY!

Diet Plan

A guide on how to properly diet when cutting for a fight… or just learn about dieting in general!

Take off that sauna suit and lose weight the healthy way!  This guide teaches you not only the fundamentals of healthy eating, but also how to eat like a professional boxer!  There’s no wonder why boxers are in awesome shape — it’s not only because of their intense workout program, but also because of their strict diet!  Take the initial step towards your fitness goals by buying this book.  Then you can start eating right, working out more regularly, feel more energized, live longer, etc, etc, etc.





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