Okay, let’s imagine you witness someone getting bullied.  You want to step in, but you’re afraid the bully will turn his/her attention to you.  You’re scared, anxious, and getting overwhelmed.  Quite the predicament…

Some things to consider about bullying: bully fact

  • Bullying has been linked to depression, cutting, and even suicide.  Your intervening could help save someones life.
  • Bullies are human, too.  You can talk to them just like anyone else.  Furthermore, you should never fear another person.  Respect is one thing, but never fear anyone.
  • You can trick the bully: “Yo, a teacher’s coming, teacher’s coming!” is enough to panic the bully.  Or if you’re out on the streets, you could yell “cops!” instead.  Give the victim a chance to get out of there.

Bullying is like a game of Jenga.  A bully has the same strategy as a jenga player, where they look for the weak individual.  They begin to “push” until they find a block that doesn’t “push back”.  If the block knows how to properly resist against bullying, or if they have the support from the people around them, the bully won’t have a chance.  Share these tips and help diminish bullying.  #iPushBack…DoU?

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