You have probably seen a headbutt happen accidentally where two heads collide in a boxing match or MMA fight, resulting in one of the guys getting cut on their face, eyebrow, or cheek.  Well there is a simple reason why this happens: The hard skull smashes against the hard bones of the face, and the soft skin in between splits open.

How to Head Butt without Hurting Your Own Head

Boxing Headbutt
Accidental Headbutt in Boxing
  • Keep your chin tucked
  • Shoot in directly; DO NOT rock your head back first
  • Hit with the top corner of your head
  • Aim for the soft spots on your opponents face (nose or eyes area)
  • Follow up with more headbutts or hammer fists, or claw.

Why is Head Butting So Effective?

The human head weighs about 10 lbs and the skull is structured to be very solid, as it must protect the brain.  The head butt is illegal in boxing, mma, kickboxing, and any other form of martial arts, because it is such a devastating attack.  Any technique that is banned from a combat sport is a great equalizer in a street fight.  Be sure to put the head butt into your arsenal.

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