I’m gonna share with you a footwork drill that will make your more agile, keep you light on your feet, and make you land more punches!

NOTE: Before trying this, you should really go and refresh yourself on punching basics. Start with the ‘How to Punch’ tutorial here!

Punching power was responsible for the success of many boxing greats, including Mike Tyson and Philly’s own Joe Frazier.

In this How-to video, we’re in the city of Philadelphia where a lot of legendary boxers started their boxing careers. I’m gonna share with you a tip that my trainer taught me. This is an exercise that I still do every single day.

After doing this exercise just one time you’ll notice that your footwork is a lot better, your punches are stronger, and you’re going to be landing more of them. So let’s get started!

Preparing for the Power-Punching Exercise

So what I want you guys to do is this:

  1. Get into your fight stance
  2. Slightly bend your knees
  3. Have your dominant hand in the rear
  4. Have your your elbows tucked in
  5. Keep your hands up and chin tucked

How to Improve Punching Power

Now imagine you have a string tied around your wrist from your left wrist down to the same side to left ankle. Same thing goes for the other side. Imagine you’re on puppet strings. Every time you take a punch you’re taking a step with your left or right foot. Your foot makes contact with the ground as you fully extend your punch, so as you release your punch, you raise your leg, the punch gets full extension, your foot lands, then you raise your other foot, and tap, boom. Just like that.

Now, what I want you to do from here is move forward as you do it, making sure that you’re still stepping on each and every punch. Go slow on this, never go full power, never go 100% on this. Now go side to side, start to pivot and turn a bit, then the other way.

You’ll notice that when you throw a jab you step in and take a step and your rear leg follows. You step in, take a jab, the rear leg follows. Your feet aren’t 2 feet apart, they should be about a foot-and-a-half apart. So I step in, boom, look back down at my feet. When you step in and throw that cross, boom, after the jab, you’ll notice it’s landing a lot more. Instead of leaning into the punch you’ll notice that boom, you’re right there. You’re twisting into it instead, and your foot are in the right position.

Now, be aware guys, I don’t want you marching like this when you’re actually fighting, shadow boxing, or hitting a heavy bag. This is just an exercise of getting into the habit of picking up your feet when you’re throwing punched, making sure you’re stepping on each straight punch.


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