Hidden Gyms: The Blueprint for Success in the Fitness Industry


Written by Shane Fazen and Vinnie Vellucci, The Blueprint has all the answers to the business and social media-related questions you’ve ever had…. and the ones you didn’t even know to ask.

If you’re too busy running your business or training your clients to invest the time it takes to become an expert at sales, marketing, and social media, then The Blueprint is the short-cut you’ve been searching for… It’s full of tried-and-true strategies that have been tested and proven to work in the modern fitness landscape.

Buy The Blueprint and take your hidden gym from diamond in the rough to a flourishing success.



Hidden Gyms: Blueprint for Success in the Fitness Industry, by Shane Fazen and Vinnie Vellucci

The Blueprint is full of specific action steps that take the guess-work out of sales, marketing, and social media. Our manual will enable you to grow your business beyond your wildest dreams and to help more people than you ever imagined.

About the Authors

Shane Fazen began working as a personal trainer under Vinnie Vellucci back in 2013. “Sales” was a foreign concept to Shane, but under Vinnie’s guidance, he began making a killing selling personal training packages. They soon parted ways, as Shane moved cross-country to California to pursue his current business: fightTIPS. However, they kept in touch and combined their knowledge of the digital front and the brick & mortar operations to create the ultimate guide: HIDDEN GYMS — Blueprint for Success in the Fitness Industry.


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