Taekwondo Being Used in MMA (GIFS)

After years of stubborn MMA guys swearing that TMA (Traditional Martial Arts) doesn’t work, we are starting to see more and more Taekwondo used successfully in the octagon. And for good reason: they’re knocking people out and are an amazing spectacle to watch. The argument was that TKD was only good for action movies, but that it was […]

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Boxer Fight Stance

Fighting Stance or “Guard”

The proper fight stance is the position you will be before and after you punch.  We will refer to this stance as “guard”.  Your relaxed state should be in guard, not with your hands down at your side.  Make sure you punches are retracting FULLY back to guard, before throwing again with that hand.  You […]

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Instantly Improve Your Footwork with This 1 Exercise

I’m gonna share with you a footwork drill that will make you more agile, keep you light on your feet, and make you land more punches! NOTE: Before trying this, you should refresh your punching basics. Start with the ‘How to Punch’ tutorial here! Punching power was responsible for the success of many boxing greats, […]

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