How to Get out of a Choke Hold

How to Get Out of a Headlock

A headlock is a hold where someone has another person’s head underneath their arm, while facing the same direction.  It is similar to a guillotine choke, but it is far less effective.  The side headlock is not a recommended grappling position in a fight.  In fact, the person being headlocked is in a more dominant position, with […]

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Bear Hug Escape

How to Escape a Bear Hug

A bear hug is one of the most simple, yet frustrating holds.  It’s when someone wraps both arms around you and squeezes tight, sometimes lifting and slamming you.  It can be done from in front or behind, over or under your arms.  Even if it’s someone much bigger and stronger than you, don’t panic.  Even […]

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