I’m Being Bullied – How to Beat Your Bully

Bullying has been around forever, and though we can work to decrease it, it will never disappear entirely. But ask anyone in their 20’s or 30’s, and they will agree that IT DOES GET BETTER. Bullying is different for everyone that experiences it. It can happen in school or at work, verbally or physically, between guys […]

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Bully Jenga

How Do I Stand Up for Someone Being Bullied?

Okay, let’s imagine you witness someone getting bullied.  You want to step in, but you’re afraid the bully will turn his/her attention to you.  You’re scared, anxious, and getting overwhelmed.  Quite the predicament… Some things to consider about bullying:  Bullying has been linked to depression, cutting, and even suicide.  Your intervening could help save someones […]

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