shadow boxing

Audio Fighter Workout for Kick/Boxing/MMA

Here is a fighter workout with mp3 audio instruction that you can follow along to in shadowboxing or heavybag. Works great for boxing, Muay Thai, and MMA! The mp3 file for download is down below, so you can listen on your headphones while training!   Download the mp3 file: Audio Fighter Workout Shadowboxing   — Favorite...

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how to muay thai elbow

How to Throw a Muay Thai Elbow

Muay Thai Elbows Muay Thai is the “art of the eight limbs”: the 2 fists the 2 legs the 2 knees the 2 elbows The Muay Thai elbow technique is a short-ranged attack, but has devastating capabilities, including the likeliness of cutting your opponent’s face open.  The tip of the elbow is extremely sharp, and can be used to […]

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How To: Muay Thai Roundhouse

The roundhouse kick is one of the most powerful kicks.  It follows the same mechanics and motions of a baseball bat swing and can do just as much damage.  This guide will teach you how to correctly through the Muay Thai round kick, as opposed to a traditional Karate snap kick, which stops at its […]

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