Learn the Bolo Punch

What is the Bolo Punch

What is a Bolo Punch? The Bolo punch is a chopping punch that originated in the sugar-can fields of the Philippines and carried over into eastern martial arts like Burmese boxing.  It is similar to a karate chop or hammer fist, aiming for the face, neck, or groin.  The Bolo punch when used in traditional boxing […]

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Boxing Trick Punches

Scotty-Boy Punch

The popping rear-hand lead punch or the “Scotty-Boy Punch” is a a slight variation from the the traditional straight cross.  It is commonly used by former boxing champion Manny Pacqiuao, a southpaw fighter.  The punch is done by leading with the rear shoulder and “popping” the cross more similar like a jab.  It is a […]

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