I once heard a quote about Judo that went something like this:

“Most people look to throw something big in a fight, but a Judoka hits you with the biggest thing possible: the Earth.”

Woman Judo Throws Man KnockoutThe video shows a woman with obvious Judo experience, in an altercation with a man. She initially breaks his posture by pushing him forward. A humans natural reaction is to push back, to avoid being push over. But when he does that, she uses a kneeling shoulder throw (or a Seoi Otoshi) and smashes his face into the ground, resulting in a knockout.

Learn how to do the Seoi Otoshi Judo Throw:

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4 thoughts on “Woman KO’s Guy Using a Judo Throw

  1. Damm my dad used to do judo back in Cuba when I showed this to him he just started to lecture me why to use judo more in my grappling game ???

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